2013 Holiday Show

Drawing by Mark Somerville

Drawing by Mark Somerville


Metal reindeer

William Conger collage drawing

William Conger collage drawing

After a long hiatus, I am going to do a holiday opening.  After my mother, Dee, died, I just didn’t have the heart to put this show together.  Dee loved this particular show because it was filled with all the things we loved:  art, furniture, objects, decorations, and many of our friends.  She never became jaded with the holidays, and had a huge Christmas tree (no little table top tree for her!) every year.

So in that spirit we have put together a very special show.  I am going to have the work of my new outsider discovery, Mark Somerville.  I considered holding his work for Outsiders Outside, but I cannot wait.  These drawings are brilliant!  (Click the image above for a larger view.)

Also, I will show a very special collection of William Conger’s collage drawings, as well as three of his small collage paintings on board.  They are fluid and lyrical with a sense of spontaneity that I find freeing.

Gordon Powell will join the mix with two collage drawings that fit this show perfectly.  Come and see!

We have founds some great objects, too.  One of the best is a large KLM airplane with a side that comes off to reveal the interiors, complete with seats and passengers!  Fantastic!

For your holiday table, I have found several Irish linen tablecloths.  Yes, you have to iron them, but wait ’til you see them and touch them!  They feel like clouds must feel, soft and … no other adjective comes to mind!  They are simply wonderful.

I hope you will join Kelly Moore, Barbara Stover, Bill Zuehlke and me for holiday treats and some music on Saturday, November 30, 3-6 pm EST at the gallery.